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"What surprises almost everyone that decides to adopt a Benefits-Based through which account for their efforts is that none of this is new. Somewhere in the back of all our brains is the common sense to do it right, but we've been long conditioned to do something else. Once you get a reminder of how accountability is supposed to benefit a school and its students, there is no turning back."

John Tanner

Founder, bravEd

The Work

The Benefits-Based Induction Sequence

The Induction Sequence is designed as an introduction to Benefits-Based Accountability. The outcome is the foundational knowledge of Benefits-Based Accountability. The commitment is for seven one-hour sessions delivered over the course of several months.

The Benefits-Based Accountability Cohort

The Cohort is a two year process for school and central office-based teams. The outcome is a Benefits-Based Accountability System and mindset. The commitment is four hours a month of intense work for each of the teams.

The Accountability Mindset Course

Our Accountability Mindset Course is a self-paced online course built for all educators in a that is working towards a Benefits-Based Accountability. It can be used by individuals or as part of a Professional Learning Community to ensure that every employee of a school system understands this new and improved way of accounting for effort.

The bravEd Community of Practice

The Community of Practice creates the spaces and experiences necessary to support and sustain the work over time. It is available to schools and districts that have completed Year Two of the Cohort Process. 

The bravEd Community of Practice is an annual district-wide membership designed to support schools and districts from year three on. The focus once schools and districts have begun to put in place the Benefits-Based Accountability Frameworks shifts to one that is highly focused on the specific students and communities a schools system serves. The best resource to support that effort is a Community of Practice, one that includes your colleagues from across the country who are as committed to getting accountability right as you are.

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