How you account for what you do matters as much as what you do, and what you do in a school matters a lot.

At bravEd and the bravEd Center, it's our job to make sure that accounting for what matters is the basis for every educational accountability.

The next round of accountability could
be just around the corner

The last two milestones in the educational accountability saga produced A Nation at Risk in 1983, which then led to the No Child Left Behind legislation in 2002. The conditions that produced those efforts are upon us once more. Bill Dagget, who has more insights into this sort of thing than almost anybody, is among those sounding the alarm.

Those earlier efforts were led by the business community and created solutions that have never felt quite right to educators, no matter the intent. But educators lacked accountability solutions, and so the task defaulted to others.

This time it needs to be different, but it won't be unless educators come together around a vision of what a great accountability should look like and join with others in promoting it. For a decade, bravEd has been the leader in thinking about, researching, and supporting schools and districts in creating accountabilities that are good for students, schools, parents, and communities. We believe it is now time to bring that message and a bigger dialogue to a national audience.

Come join your colleagues as a member in the bravEd Center or in any of our membership programs. We think you'll be glad you did.

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"When I think about bravEd's work, it reminds me of that Mickey Mantle quote, ‘it's unbelievable how much you don't know about a game you've been playing your whole life.’”

Executive Director, The Maple League Of Universities Director, Online Learning, Graduate, And Professional Studies, StFX

If you don't do a great job accounting for what you do...

It risks looking like it never happened,
which would be a terrible place to be.
In education, its looked that way to outsiders
for a long time. That shouldn't be the case.
bravEd exists to make sure that never happens again.

Building a better accountability empowers leaders to reimagine what it means to be accountable.

Here's what a few of your colleagues wanted to say to you when we asked them.

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A great way to get introduced to this work is through the voice of John Tanner, the founder of bravEd and a champion of the Benefits-Based Accountability work. His keynotes take an extraordinarily complex part of schools and in under an hour create the sense that something better is possible. His recent book, The Accountability Mindset, does the same, using language and a narrative structure to make the topic accessible to anyone.

You can get the book by clicking here. You can inquire about having John at your next event by clicking below.

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