The bravEd Privacy Policy

bravEd relies heavily on the use of email for all of its activities. Providing your email and contact information is a signal of trust that we take very seriously.

bravEd deploys two-step opt-in processes to ensure that the intent of every individual is captured in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding unwanted email.

An initial sign-up that does not involve a purchase automatically generates an email containing an opt-in link that must be clicked before we will send out any additional emails to that individual.

An initial sign-up that involves a purchase asks for permission to receive our emails on the purchase page. We have pre-populated the permissions box given that each of our offers only has value if we can regularly communicate with our members. However, in accordance with the laws governing unwanted email, the box can be unchecked if that is desired.

Any individual may, at any point, opt out of emails. Each email that is sent has the required opt-out link. Each individual with an account at bravEd can go into their account and adjust what they wish to receive as well.

At no point will your information be sold or shared with any other entity. All emails sent from bravEd sites and systems will be clearly marked as being from Access to your email accounts is limited to bravEd senior staff only. 

bravEd uses four applications to conduct its work that may make use of your email address. Two are in the process of being phased out.

The main platform, which is where our websites, communities, and courses are now housed, is built using an application called Kajabi and takes full advantage of its security protocols. Starting in early 2024, all of our work is being transitioned to the Kajabi platform. That transition will be completed by the fall of 2024, so that all of our efforts will be housed under one website,

The second application we use is MailChimp. As of June 2024, all contacts in our MaliChimp files will be transferred to the Kajabi platform. Our MailChimp accounts will be closed and all personal information deleted by the fall of 2024.

The third platform houses our bravEd Way learning site at, which is based in the Thinkific platform. As of July, 2024, all bravEd Way accounts will be transitioned to the bravEd main site. At that point we will disable and delete all personal information in the Thinkific platform.

The fourth platform, Stripe processes our credit card transactions. The transactions will appear on statements and receipts under the name of bravEd or, the name under which bravEd was originally founded, Test Sense LLC, as determined by the banks and the credit cards they issue. 

bravEd was founded in 2009 as Test Sense LLC, which remains our corporate name for tax purposes. bravEd is our sole DBA and the only name under which we conduct our business.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be shared with anyone that has entrusted their information to us.

Should you have any questions, please reach out at [email protected].

Last updated Apr 7, 2024