The benefits from doing accountability differently are transformational.

No matter where you are on your journey, there's a place for you.

Step 1: Join the Center

Public education isn't getting to a better place when it comes to accounting for what matters in schools until we can show that we really can account for what matters in schools.

It's one thing to say that a better accountability is needed, but quite another to advocate for something different. And another still to create a unified voice as to what that might look like.

The bravEd Center was created as a space for a dialogue that can get us there. All are welcome, so long as they subscribe to one simple tenet: as a country we want, need, and deserve an educational accountability that tells the truth and is good for students, schools, parents, and communities. 


Step in 2: Learn what a better system looks like

That is surprisingly challenging to do. It's one thing to say that we need a new way to do accountability, but quite another to imagine what that would look like, or to imagine that it's doable. But it is.

The Accountability Mindset and our Induction Series are terrific early steps for opening up those possibilities.

The Accountability Mindset is our attempt to scale the idea of a better accountability to every educator, activist, parent, and policy maker in American via a self-paced, on-line course that opens participants up to what might be possible.

Induction is for those thinking about doing the work who want to dip a toe in the water. Over seven, one-hour sessions, most leave convinced not just that something is possible, but doable as well.

Start Learning

Step 3: Get to Work

It will be hard to get people to believe that there is a better way to do accountability unless lots of schools and districts are doing it. But if they are, it will be impossible to ignore. That's the goal.

bravEd was created to aid school leaders in building better accountabilities by focusing on the benefits parents, communities, and policy makes say are the reason they entrust their children to a school.

No policy is necessary to do that, and no policy can stop a leader from doing it, so every leader should.

Cohorts are a great tool for driving the right work with the smallest possible footprint on schools, while the Community of Practice can sustain the effort long-term.

Get to Work