Test Sense was founded in 2009 on the idea that a better accountability system was needed in schools, but we were then still a bit too focused on working against something as opposed to being for something better.

A lot has happened in the years since.

Now our focus is entirely on building better accountability systems, and in 2020 we wanted a name more in line with our work.

bravEd is being announced at what will seem like an inopportune time, in the midst of a global pandemic. Schools throughout the nation are closed, and when normalcy returns this fall it will be a new normal, one we have never before experienced.

But this is also an opportunity. Real accountability can't be turned off, ever, and especially not during a crisis. Real accountability represents the systems and processes through which you build trust with your stakeholders, and that trust is never so important as in the midst of a crisis. If something is labeled accountability and it gets turned off, it should always have been called something else.

A new accountability really is possible and very much needed.

Welcome to bravEd