Dear Educator, Policy Maker, or Friend of Public Education,

Welcome to bravEd. If you are here it's because you heard a talk, were referred here by a friend, or Googled "there has to be a better way to do educational accountability." Regardless, welcome.

At bravEd we believe that if educational leadersĀ don't do a great job accounting for what they do it risks looking to the public like schools may not be doing anything at all. Or at least the things that matter to the stakeholders of American public education. Which would be flawed at best and hurtful at worst.

The fact that you are here at our welcome page means somehow, somewhere, you heard about our work. And that you've taken the first step towards something better.

That first step is often just the realization that fixing educational accountability is doable, even without a policy change. The bravEd CenterĀ Membership is a great first step. It isĀ designed to show what is possible, which is a lot, so that educational leaders are prepared to take the next step whenever they deem it best to do so.

Members meet monthly for virtual luncheons with guest speakers and experts on the topic, are invited to attend annual forums in their regions intended to deepen understandings in how accountability works, participate in book studies, and have access to the bravEd team to answer questions and work through the various roadblocks to finally getting accountability right.

Membership is open to all educators, policy makers, business people, and friends of our public education systems, with strong encouragement for team participation. It's going to take all of us to get to a better place.

We are thrilled you are here.

John Tanner
Founder, bravEd