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The mission of bravEd is to support school leaders in finally solving the accountability issue once and for all. We are constantly creating or collecting resources that aid in that effort, and as we do we'll make them available to you below.

The Texas Accountability Series

In 2016, John wrote a series of articles for the Texas Association of School Administrators just as an A-F school grading policy was in the works. You can find them here.

John was a guest on The Reimagine Schools Podcast, April 7, 2022

The conversation about what Benefits-Based Accountability does for a school, its teachers, and students. John and Dr. Goins hit it off and now Dr. Goins is one of bravEd's true ambassadors. True Accountability with John Tanner can be heard here.

Podcast with Craig Harper and Marc Feuerbach

Executive Director Craig Harper hosts this conversation with John Tanner, accountability researcher, author, and founder of bravEd, and Dr. Marc Feuerbach, superintendent of Cartersville City Schools, in Cartersville, Georgia. John is the leading designer of the PAGE initiative that resulted in True Accountability for Georgia Schools (TAGS). Cartersville City Schools is one of the original pilot districts that formed TAGS and is implementing benefits-based accountability throughout the system. You can listen here.

How standardized testing works

Feb 12, 2024

Standardized testing has been misunderstood and misused almost since its inception more than a century ago. A big piece of that has to do with how standardized tests do what they do and how they come to do it.

This paper goes into that in a way that makes it clear once and for all. Download it here.

The bravEd Policy/Advocacy Brief

In Jan 2022 bravEd released an advocacy/policy brief with an audience of policy makers interested in accountability. You can download it here.

John Tanner on the Annette On Education Podcast, Feb 20, 2022

Anette visits with John Tanner, an educational writer and thought leader committed to a benefits-based accountability in every school and community. Accountability in effective organization is a truth-telling communication and directional system used to build trust with the organization’s stakeholders. It can be done well or poorly, and there are consequences for both. It would never be turned off in a crisis, which is when it is most urgently needed. Listen here.

The current list of curated benefits

Anyone who has worked with us knows that we keep a curated list of the benefits most often mentioned by parents and students. We use this list to get schools and districts started in the work. We'll keep the latest version here and let everyone know when updates are available.

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