Course and Community 

Induction Sessions

Session 1: Defining Your Hopes and Dreams
Every educator we've ever meant wants to do and account for what matters most. 

Session 2: Accountabilities
The fact that the title is plural means that there are multiple kinds of accountabilities. What are they and did we pick the right one for schools? (Spoiler alert: no we did not.)

Session 3: Trust-Based Leadership
The only reason to account for what we do is so that others will trust us to do more things in the future.

Session 4: For What are we Accountable?
There is a huge difference between accountability to the state for high or rising test scores, and being accountable to students and their parents for what matters most.

Session 5: Testing and Campbell's Law
Testing is an issue, but notice that this is the sixth session. We separate testing and accountability, just like it always should have been.

Session 6: Flipping the Org Chart
Empowering educational professionals and the profession hardly seems like the job of accountability, but without accountability there is no chance for empowerment.

Season 7: How to Speak Accountably
Leaders who are good at accounting for what they do follow a very specific pattern. We'll share what that is.

Session 8: The Accountability Engine
We'll introduce this framework at a high level so those in districts doing the work won't feel entirely lost.

Season 9: Charting and Signaling
These are the other two frameworks we will introduce to those already doing the work.


...was designed as virtual in-person introduction to the basics of a Benefits-Based Accountability. We had two audiences in mind when we built it:

  1. Anyone new to the work that wanted an in-depth experience that can lay a foundation for one day doing the work within a reasonable time frame.
  2. Those new to a school or district already doing this work who needed to be on-boarded into the basic ideas.

Induction consists of seven one-hour sessions over seven consecutive weeks. Those in a school or district already doing the work are then invited to two additional sessions where we introduce several of the frameworks their colleagues are already working with.

We run an Induction Sequence each Fall and Winter.

Because folks are busy we record each season and then post it to the Community so that everyone has access.

And while Induction is only seven weeks for most (nine for those already doing the work), we give you access to the Community for six months as an added benefit. You'll have access to the sessions and also the rest of the work and information housed there.