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Our Team

bravEd embraces a true team concept, with partners from business, school leadership, and educational service providers.

John Tanner

Founder and Executive Director

John Tanner founded bravEd as a vehicle for creating a national movement towards a better educational accountability. The foundation of bravEd's work can be found in two books: The Accountability Mindset, and The Pitfalls of Reform. Much of the bravEd work is still delivered directly by him. Whether you are engaged in Induction, the Cohort, the Course, or the Community of Practice, what you will experience is the result of years of research and years more in the trenches, doing the work.

For information on having John come to you as a speaker or consult with your team, just click here.

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Team Members

bravEd relies on a number of team members who dedicate some or all of their time to the effort


Grassroots efforts grow best through the words of practitioners. bravEd started its Ambassador program in 2022 to formalize the efforts of those who both do and best represent the work. Our  first  two (and our most vitriolic) Ambassadors are listed below. More are on their way in the 2023-24 school year.

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