April 1, 2020

Fighting the Coronavirus has meant the cancellation of state testing programs for the 2019-2020 school year. This has caused some to comment something to the effect, "we'll get back to accountability once this crisis is over."

The ignorance in that statement is maddening. Just look around at what was accomplished in the days, weeks, and months since the world changed literally overnight. The level of moral and intellectual leadership demonstrated by school leaders is a clear example that accountability is a part of what educators do every day, not something that can be turned off, ever, especially in the light of a crisis.

But the cancellation of testing is going to leave a vacuum this fall, which will demand to be filled. We intend to do just that by providing a sense of the power of true accountability to the world.

We'll do that by asking as many schools and districts as are interested to participate in an accountability exercise that will require no more effort than a handful of emails. While the individual contributions will seem minimal, when combined with the others the power of the message will be clear, and each school and district will have a tool that will help them recount the efforts during their eventful moment in educational history.

While the timing for this effort is arguably challenging, circumstances demand it. The vacuum will be filled by someone. If it did not exist we would be continuing our work with the various consortia of schools and districts across the country interested in building the broader movement. The fact that it does means we must not let someone else fill it. 

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