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Induction is where we introduce the concept of Benefits-Based Accountability

How it works

  1. Twice a year (September-December, and February-March) an Induction Sequence is offered. It includes seven sixty-minute sessions, and access to the bravEdWay Learning Platform. Each session is recorded and loaded to the bravEdWay to ensure that everyone has full access to the content, given that schedules can get very busy.

  2. There are two additional sessions for registrants from schools or districts that have been through the Cohort process. These sessions introduce the tools that were taught during that process and that will be in use in the school or district they now work in.

  3. Registration is at the individual level.

  4.  Schools and districts are welcome to bring larger teams, but should contact bravEd directly to obtain the most advantageous pricing.

Fall 2023 Schedule (Registration Closed)

All sessions 10-11 am Central (unless noted)

Please note: due to a conflict Session #1 has been rescheduled at two times to ensure all participants can attend. Those who are signed up may attend one or both sessions. 

Session #1: September 22

      Repeat of Session #1: September 27, 1:00 pm Central

Session #2: October 4

Session #3: October 18

Session #4: November 1

Session #5: November 15

Session #6: November 29

Session #7: December 13

Session #8: January 11, 2024  (Cohort Members Only)

Session #9: January 25, 2024 (Cohort Members Only)

Winter 2024 Schedule--Updated

All sessions 1-2 pm Central

Session #1: February 6 (Tuesday)

Session #2: February 13 (Tuesday)

Session #3: February 19 (Monday)

Session #4: February 27 (Tuesday)

Session #5: March 5 (Tuesday)

Session #6: March 12 (Tuesday)

Session #7: March 19 (Tuesday)

Session #8: March 26 (Tuesday--Cohort Members Only)

Session #9: April 2 (Tuesday--Cohort Members Only)

Induction Sessions

#1: Defining your Hopes & Dreams

How did we get to this point, and what is accountability, really?

#4. For what are we accountable?

The biggest question of them all: for what are we accountable and to whom?

#7. How to Speak Accountability

How do we account for something as complex as a school in ways that will make sense to everyone?

#2. Accountabilities

What are the two main types of accountability and how do they work? 

#5: Testing & Campbell's Law

How can we demystify testing and put it in its proper place?

#8. The Accountability Engine (for Cohort Members only)

How am I to understand the Accountability Engine processes being used by my team?

#3. Trust-Based Leadership

How is it that Benefits-Based Accountability and trust-based leadership go hand in hand?

#6. Flipping the Org Chart

How does a meaningful accountability empower teachers and their leaders?

#9. Charting & Signaling (for Cohort Members Only)

How am I to understand the Charting and Signaling processes being used by my team?

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