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...revolutionize the accountability function in schools, one school, one district at a time

The bravEd Mission...


"Addressing accountability now demands a choice of every school leader: either you can continue to accept the consequences of a compliance-based accountability that has never and will never serve students well, or you can build something better and prove that it works. Building something better is the only way we are getting to a better place."

John Tanner

Founder, bravEd

Principals and superintendents who have chosen to build a better accountability are making a huge difference


  1. Registration for our Winter Induction Sequence is now open for all who are interested. This is our way of introducing the world to the possibilities of a new and much improved accountability practice. Click here for more.

  2. Our new self-paced course for teachers, named after John's latest book, The Accountability Mindset, will be available Fall 2023. This six part series was created at the behest of schools and districts looking for a way to introduce their faculties to the basics of a Benefits-Based Accountability. Click here for more.

"Tanner gets it. If we want to change and improve our schools, we need to discard the mental models and practices that either freezes most of what we do now in place or tries to force us to work harder at what we already do that already does not work. If we want to change the work we do and change the results we get, we need to change the system. Changing our current system requires we find a new box to think inside of. John Tanner has created a compelling design for a new box."

Doug Christensen, Former Nebraska Commissioner of Education; Professor of Leadership in Education, Graduate Division


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