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We've accomplished a lot with very little in just a few short years

We did it by making this a true grass roots effort

What started in Texas as a response to A-F school grading policies has grown to capture the hearts and minds of educational leaders across the country who know a better way of doing educational accountability must exist. The movement has grown every year since it started, and we have every intention of keeping that trend going.

Our goal is to have thousands of school systems participating in Benefits-Based Accountability systems so that collectively we are in a position to present a meaningful accountability to policy makers and empower them to put a better system in place. 

Even if policy makers take awhile to listen, the benefit to our students in the meantime will be incalculable. We owe this to them with or without a policy change.

If you want to get control of the narrative about your school and tell the truth about your efforts, you'll need to learn to account for those efforts far differently than what happens in our test-obsessed world
"Accountability is how we account for our efforts. We do that well and an accurate, truthful narrative follows. We do that poorly and what will be left behind is a false narrative, and one that will be tough to counter. The choice to do what we've always done is a choice to accept the false narrative. The purpose of a Benefits-Based Accounting is to see that the truthful narratives prevail."
- John Tanner


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