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The bravEd Community of Practice

The Community of Practice represents membership in a like minded group of educators all working together toward a common goal: a better accountability

How it works

  1. School and district leaders will continue to have access to the following beyond the two-year Cohort experience:

    • Content from the twenty Cohort Sessions, including updates and new resources that are developed.

    • Continued access to the virtual Online Community that is part of our bravEdWay Learning Portal.

  2. The Induction Sequence is included for all new leaders and newly elected board members. 

  3. Access for all staff to The Accountability Mindset Course is included. The license is district wide for unlimited use so long as staff use a district-assigned email.

  4. All school leaders will be invited to the Benefits-Based Accountability National Showcase, an interactive bi-monthly session that highlights the Benefits-Based work of schools and districts across the country.

  5. All new board members are invited to the annual Board Induction session.

  6. All existing board members and superintendents are invited to attend two annual virtual sessions that are specifically for Board members. Superintedents are welcome at these sessions as well.

As an option, an additional part of the Community of Practice can include additional coaching or consultative sessions throughout the year with the bravEd team to work specifically on an agenda of the school, district, or a multi-district team.

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