The bravEd Way is hosted by bravEd and includes thought leaders and partners who share a commitment for creating a meaningful school accountability. It is a learning organization that contains the lessons and expertise necessary to convert to True Accountability. We are proud to partner with the Schlechty Center, who have contributed their notion of a learning organization to the work.

Learning through bravEd Way can occur in whatever way best suits your needs. School, district, and consortia licenses are available and strongly encouraged, both for supporting the work to be done and for simple economic reasons. If you are a member of a consortium check with them before signing up as in independent learner. That way your learning will take place within the specific work of the consortium and your state.

The bravEd Way is a role-based learning portal with components for superintendents, principals, teachers, and school board members. Each is a different audience with a different purpose for being here and we work hard to get everyone what they need.

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